D.ear N.early A.ppointed Father (Lisa, I am Not Your Father), You’re the man on my birth certificate, yet it’s become very clear that you’re not my biological dad. The emotions that course through my veins are as mixed as the drink in your hand. I realize that you and Mother have known the truth all […]

Does our DNA determine who we’ll become? Or is it a simple case of nurture vs. nature? If I were to discover that my mother’s wanderlust was simply a matter heritage, does that automatically mean that, I, too, will face a life of infidelity? But what if my mother’s wanderlust is simply a matter of […]

Who knew that a little deoxyribonucleic acid could change your life as you know it? Two years ago as I spoke with my granny in what was normally a customary compulsatory call – you know how it goes, how are you feeling today, work is going well, granny, is there a new grand-daddy I should […]